Jonathan Burnside

Jonathan Burnside
About the Speaker
  • Position
    Professor of Biblical Law at the Law School
  • Affiliation
    University of Bristol

Jonathan Burnside is Professor of Biblical Law at the Law School, University of Bristol, England. He is Research Director at the Law School where he teaches Jewish Law, among other subjects. He has degrees in Law and Criminology, both from the University of Cambridge, and a Doctorate in Law from the University of Liverpool. He joined the School of Law as Lecturer in 2001, becoming Reader in 2007 and Professor in 2012. Previously, he spearheaded Relational Justice for the Jubilee Centre, Cambridge, and was appointed by the Home Office and the Prison Service England and Wales to head an evaluation of faith-based units in prisons in England and Wales. He has served as Independent Advisor to the Correctional Services Accreditation Panel (Ministry of Justice) and the National Offender Management Service. His work explores the relationship between law, theology and criminology from theoretical and applied perspectives, beginning with Relational Justice: Repairing the Breach (1994, Waterside Press) and including My Brother’s Keeper: Faith-based units in prisons (2005, Routledge). His work on biblical law includes The Signs of Sin: Seriousness of offence in biblical law (2003, Continuum) and God, Justice and Society: Aspects of Law and Legality in the Bible (2011, Oxford University Press).