Steven Kepnes

Steven Kepnes
About the Speaker
  • Position
    Professor of World Religions and Jewish Studies
  • Affiliation
    Colgate University

Steven Kepnes is Professor of World Religions and Jewish Studies, and is Director of Chapel House at Colgate University Hamilton, NY. He is also chair of the Religion department at Colgate. Kepnes is a founding member of the Society of Scriptural Reasoning which focuses on Jewish, Christian, and Muslim dialogue based on group readings of scripture. He has taught at the Rabbinic School of the Jewish Theological Seminary in Jerusalem, the Religious Studies program at the University of Virginia and the Gregorian Pontifical University in Rome.

He is the author of seven books including The Future of Jewish Theology (Wiley Blackwell 2013), Jewish Liturgical Reasoning (Oxford, 2007) and, with Basit Koshul,  ScriptureReason and the Contemporary IslamWest Encounter. (Palgrave, 2007).