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Symposium on Dan Baras’s “A Moral Argument Against Absolute Authority of the Torah” (Sophia, 2019)
December 15, 2019
In this article, I will argue against the Orthodox Jewish view that the Torah should be treated as an absolute authority. I begin with an explanation of what it means to treat something as an absolute authority. I then review examples of norms in the Torah that seem clearly immoral. Next, I explore reasons that people may have for accepting a person, text, or tradition as an absolute authority in general. I argue that none of these reasons can justify absolute authority if the authority prescribes norms that we strongly judge to be immoral. I then respond to three objections to my argument. I end with a note explaining why, contrary to a popular trend, the narrative of the binding of Isaac is not a good place to start this discussion.
Symposia on Jewish Philosophy in an Analytic Age
January 1, 2020
The Association for the Philosophy of Judaism is pleased to announce several online symposia during 2020 on chapters from the new publication Jewish Philosophy in an Analytic Age, edited by Sam Lebens, Dani Rabinowitz, and Aaron Segal (Oxford University Press, August 2019). Description: Since the classical period, Jewish scholars have drawn on developments in philosophy...
Conference on the Meaning of Life, University of Haifa
The Association for the Philosophy of Judaism is proud to be co-sponsoring a conference on the meaning of life, at the University of Haifa. For more details, please click to see the conference Booklet