Mission Statement

The purpose of the Association for the Philosophy of Judaism is, first and foremost, to promote scholarship in the philosophy of Judaism.

A secondary aim is to encourage philosophers who have yet to do work in the philosophy of Judaism, to turn their attention to such work.

We are an academic association of philosophers interested in the rigorous application of philosophy to any aspect of Judaism. We are a membership organization which is currently free to join. We will be holding annual conferences in conjunction with the American Philosophical Association, and we will be running an annual essay prize.

This website is home to our blog, which hosts a monthly online symposium and also allows scholars to post their own ideas-in progress. The blog provides a forum for scholars to come together to discuss philosophical issues and thereby contribute to one another’s work. Laypeople are also welcome to join in our online discussions. To join as an author, which will enable you to start a new blog post, please contact us. You can keep up to date with activity on the blog via email by subscribing on the right of this page.

The APJ has no political or religious agenda and is affiliated with the American Philosophical Association. We invite all those interested in this exciting endeavor to join our Association and our ongoing discussions.

Call for Abstracts: The APJ plans to hold a session on the theme: “Philosophy of Judaism: Analytic Perspectives” at the APA Eastern Division in New York, NY, January 15-18, 2024. We invite abstracts of 750-1,000 words on any topic related to philosophy...
June 1, 2023
(Announcing on behalf of Chris Tucker:) The 7th Theistic Ethics Workshop will take place Sept. 7-9 in Winston-Salem, NC at the Graylyn Conference Center. The deadline for submissions is June 1st, and we cover all expenses. The invited speakers are Cheshire Calhoun (Arizona State),...