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Tikvah Fellowships
The Tikvah Fellowship: A year long program in New York City that combines intensive study with work experiences in the Jewish world. Begins Fall 2012. Applicants must already have completed an undergraduate degree. Fellows receive a stipend for the year of between $30,000 and $75,000 depending on age, experience, and financial need. Please find more...
Change of Symposia Dates!
NOTICE:  The symposium on Hilary Putnam’s paper scheduled for 14-21 November, has been postponed. Apologies. The symposium on Curtis Franks’s paper will now be held between 01-08 December. Professors Franks and Andrew Schumann have kindly agreed to participate in the symposium.
Heschel’s Concise Dictionary of Hebrew Philosophical Terms now available open-source online
  My Rabbi sent me the link to a blog called “On the Mainline,” which looks like it might have some more useful stuff. (Correction: definitely interesting stuff, see also the writer’s other blog, English Hebraica)