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As part of the John Templeton Foundation-sponsored project entitled “Worship: A Jewish Philosophical Investigation,” the workshop Worship and the Human will take place (hybridly) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on July 19-21, 2021. For a full schedule, see here....
January 1, 2020
The Association for the Philosophy of Judaism is pleased to announce several online symposia during 2020 on chapters from the new publication Jewish Philosophy in an Analytic Age, edited by Sam Lebens, Dani Rabinowitz, and Aaron Segal (Oxford University Press,...
March 18, 2018
From 18-24 March, the APJ is pleased to host a symposium on the Conclusion (chapter 7) of David Benatar’s book Better to Never have Been (OUP 2006) in which he claims that his anti-natalist views are compatible with certain religious...
January 21, 2018
The APJ is pleased to host an online symposium on the following paper: The “Promise of a New Past” by Sam Lebens and Tyron Goldschmidt. Philosophers’ Imprint 2017, 17 (18): 1-25 Respondents: Kenneth Hochstetter (Southern Nevada) Hud Hudson (Western Washington)...
Yissurin Shel Ahavah as Divine Intimacy Theodicy
June 14, 2017
By Michael Harris, The Torah u-Madda Journal (17/2016-17). With thanks to the editor of TUMJ, please click here for a copy of Harris’s paper. For responses by commentators and reply by Harris, please click here
Holy Land
February 19, 2017
The symposium centers on chapters 1 & 6 of Ken’s book: Chapter 1 Footnotes to Chapter 1 Chapter 6 Footnotes to Chapter 6 (Permission kindly granted by JPS) Commentators include: Shira Weiss (Yeshiva University) Michael Fagenblat (Open University of Israel)...
May 8, 2016
With thanks to Marilyn McCord Adams (Rutgers), John Pittard (Yale), Stephen R Ogden (Johns Hopkins), and Gabriel Citron (Toronto) for participating in this symposium. Gabriel’s original paper can be found here. The paper was the recipient of the APJ’s Annual...
Justified Self-Defense
March 17, 2016
Many thanks to Shlomo, Jeff, Shlomit, Dov, and Shalom for participating in this symposium. Please click on the links below for the materials for this symposium: For a copy of Zuckier’s paper (with permission from the publishers), please click here....
Orbis - God
August 16, 2015
Welcome to our symposium on David Benatar’s paper: What’s God Got to Do with It? Atheism and Religious Practice. Ratio 19 (4):383–400. Please find a copy of the paper here: Our symposium begins with three sets of comments on the...
Commanding Belief
June 14, 2015
The APJ is pleased to devote the week of 14 -21 June to a discussion of Tyron Goldschmidt’s 2015 paper “Commanding Belief” (Ratio 27 (2):163-174), which was the winner of the APJ’s 2013 Essay Prize Competition. The publisher (Wiley) has...
Epistemology of Religiosity
June 8, 2014
Click here for a copy of Sam’s article. Click here for comments by Natalja Deng (Notre Dame) Click here for comments by Dani Rabinowitz (Oxford) Click here for replies by Lebens
King Narmer conquers the Nile delta
March 3, 2014
03 – 10 March “Judaism, Reincarnation and Theodicy“ by Tyron Goldschmidt (UNC Greensboro) and Beth Seacord (Grand Valley State). (Faith and Philosophy 30, 4 (October 2013), 393-417.) For comments by Anastasia Scrutton (Leeds), click here For comments by Bill Wood...
Religious Jew
January 13, 2014
The symposium on Golding’s paper has now commenced. For comments by Silvia Jonas, please click here For comments by Matthew Benton, please click here For comments by Shira Weiss, please click here For Joshua Golding’s replies to the above comments,...
Chosen people Temple
December 1, 2013
The symposium is now open. Please see below for the opening comments by the two respondents and replies by Gellman. Comments by Luvell Anderson here Comments by Berel Dov Lerner here Replies by Yehudah Gellman here (Gellman’s God’s Kindness has...
Talmudic Destiny
July 28, 2013
July 28 – August 04 Symposium on Eli Hirsch’s “Talmudic Destiny” Participants include: John Hawthorne (Oxford), Rabbi Chanoch Waxman (Yeshivat Har Etzion), Jeff Russell (Oxford), Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers), and Jeremy Goodman (Oxford). Click here for comments by John Hawthorne Click...
Salomon Maimon
April 7, 2013
The symposium on Yitzhak Melamed’s “Salomon Maimon and the Failure of Modern Jewish Philosophy” is now underway, and will continue through April 13!  Please feel free to join the symposium by posting comments below. Yitzhak Melamed (Johns Hopkins University), Michah...
Talmudic Destiny
September 4, 2022
Call for Abstracts: The APJ plans to sponsor a session on the theme “Emotions and Jewish Philosophy” at the APA Central Division in Denver, CO, February 22-25, 2023. We invite abstracts of 750-1,000 words on any topic related to emotions and Jewish...
February 23, 2022
8:00 pm
The APJ is delighted to announce that our annual group session will be held at the Central Division of the American Philosophical Association on Wednesday, February 23th, 2022 at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel in Chicago, IL. This year’s session...